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Furry Blend Pet CBD by MOVIDA

Furry Blend Pet CBD Drops The “go-to” choice for Pet Lovers in our community, MOVIDA Furry Blend CBD is safe for all breeds and all ages of pets. Our Furry Blend drops are great as a daily mood enhancer for your pets but can also be used to help your furry loved ones recover quicker […]

Active Blend CBD Line by MOVIDA

Active Blend Product Line Enjoyed by Fitness Enthusiasts, Weekend Warriors, and Entrepreneurs MOVIDA’s Active Blend line of capsules and drops are perfect for those that demand a little more out of life. It’s perfect for those that train hard and are seeking to be the best that they can be. MOVIDA’s Active Blend delivers the […]

Healthy Blend CBD by MOVIDA

Healthy Blend CBD Line Popular amongst Busy Moms, Corporate Executives, and Baby Boomers the Healthy Blend line is a great solution for those that are looking to get healthy, stay healthy, and have the confidence to conquer the day. Enjoyed by many as a daily supplement, the Healthy Blend line is designed to maintain “status […]

Essential Blend Full Spectrum CBD by MOVIDA

Essential Blend After more than 2 decades of development and refinement, our full spectrum Essential Blend line was born. Our proprietary whole plant extraction contains the full cannabinoid profile of the Hemp plant, as well as a variety of essential nutrients and trace elements, making the Healthy Blend line a veritable powerhouse of Holistic Nutrition. […]


Hey Guys,We recently launched a new website on a new platform to give you a better user experience. Coupon Code: MOV25 Use code MOV25 to get 25% OFF your entire first order on the new website! Watch the video, then check out the website for yourself at And, remember to use your coupon code […]


You’ve heard the hype and decided to try CBD… Either for yourself or for your business… but, you quickly come to discover that with all the brands and the various options that are out there, it’s very difficult to know which product is best for you. In today’s video, we’ll cover the difference between the […]

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