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In this video, Fit Pro Josh Carter walks us through a MOVIDA CBD & Superfoods Unboxing and Product Review.

Josh is a high level Personal Trainer and the owner of Carter Fitness in West Hills, CA. Josh, a long time lifter and fitness enthusiast himself, was told by his Orthopedist (Doctor) to stop lifting weights if he wanted to continue to have use of his shoulder.

Josh wasn’t ready to retire from lifting, so he reached out to our founder, Al Morentin, seeking an alternative solution.

Fast forward to today… Josh has been taking MOVIDA for almost 2 years now.

Watch this video to see what products Josh is using for success and why MOVIDA is now an integral part of his daily regimen.

Josh is a great success story, showing what proper supplementation and a great attitude can do for you.

MOVIDA products that Josh is currently taking are listed below.

Remember that MOVIDA offers free consultations if you have questions about which products to take or how to take them.

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