Healthy Blend 2000mg Pure CBD Dropper by MOVIDA CBD
Healthy Blend 2,000mg Pure CBD Drops (Tincture) – No THC – 30ml Bottle – 40 Servings
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Healthy Blend 2,000mg Pure CBD Drops (Tincture) – No THC – 30ml Bottle – 40 Servings


50mg Per Serving. 99.9% Pure Crystalline CBD. No THC. Enjoyed by Entrepreneurs Athletes and Weekend Warriors, our Healthy Blend Drops can give you that added advantage you are looking for.

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Product Name: 2,000mg Healthy Blend Tincture

Product Description: 
Enjoyed by Fitness Enthusiasts, Weekend Warriors, and Entrepreneurs MOVIDA’s 2,000mg Healthy Blend drops are perfect for those that demand a little more out of life. It’s perfect for those that train hard and are seeking to be the best that they can be.

MOVIDA’s 2,000mg Healthy Blend delivers the “extra strength” dose that will help you stay focused on your goals and conquer the day. 

Due to its high concentration of active CBD, our 2,000mg Healthy Blend Tincture, aka Dropper, is one of MOVIDA’s most versatile Pure Crystalline products. 

In fact, at 2,000mg of Pure Crystalline CBD per bottle, the Healthy Blend Tincture is literally more than 3 times the strength of our 600mg Healthy Blend Tincture.

The 2,000 Healthy Blend Tincture was created as an alternative to our 50mg Pure Crystalline Capsules and contains No THC.

For those that either don’t want to or can’t swallow capsules, a full dropper of the 2,000mg Healthy Blend Tincture contains 50mg of active Pure Crystalline CBD.

The Healthy Blend Tincture is very versatile. Because of it’s highly concentrated amount of CBD in each dropper full, the combinations and applications of use are endless. Macro-dosing, micro-dosing, maintenance dosing, etc…

Need to take large macro-doses due to special situations?
No problem! At 50mg per dropper full… just one or 2 droppers should be sufficient.

Prefer to do maintenance doses twice daily?
No problem! Between 5 drops and 20 drops twice daily will do it, depending on your personal situation.

Looking to micro-dose to prevent flare-ups?
We got you covered! Simply keep your Chronic Blend by your side and take anywhere between 2 and 10 drops as needed.

Note: A micro-dose is simply a smaller dose. Generally, 2 to 10 drops taken throughout the day on an as-needed basis.

Ethically Sourced
Plant Based
CBD Isolate
Gluten Free
THC Free
No Odor/Smell
No Taste/Flavor

No Taste or Odor: One of the qualities most enjoyed about our Healthy Blend is that the tincture has no flavor or taste, as well as no odor or smell. So, it’s easy to take, won’t draw attention, and is enjoyable.

When Performance Matters
If you work hard, play hard, and are seeking to be the best that you can be, your ability to recover plays a crucial role in achieving what you want out of life. Indeed, the only way for you to perform your best at your next workout is to fully recover from your previous one.
The Healthy Blend line of capsules and drops is a favorite amongst athletes, first responders, and those that need to perform at their best every time… no matter the circumstance.

Your Secret Weapon
Entrepreneurs, athletes, and coaches need to be mentally sharp and on their “A” game at all times if they want to be effective and successful at their craft. Your ability to make crucial decisions quickly and be confident in those decisions, can be the difference between success and failure both in the boardroom and on the playing field.

Product Story:  Originally created as an equal, but alternative source of CBD to our 50mg Pure Crystalline Capsules… Our 2,000mg Pure Crystalline Healthy Blend Tincture has quickly become one of our most versatile and in-demand products.

Used by our community for a wide variety of reasons, Healthy Blend is used for general or maintenance dosing at either end of the day. For micro-dosing as needed throughout the day. As a topical used at point of contact. As well as for macro-dosing when warranted.

With its versatility and ease of use, it’s easy to see why our Healthy </style=”margin-top:>Blend Tincture has quickly become a fan favorite amongst our community.

2,000mg of 99.9% Pure Crystalline CBD Isolate infused into MOVIDA’s proprietary
blend of MCT oils.

Healthy Blend Dropper Breakdown
Full Dropper = 20 Drops = 50mg 
Half Dropper = 10 Drops = 25mg 
Quarter Dropper = 5 Drops = 12.5mg 

Common Uses: 1 or more droppers taken twice daily. Or, as directed by your healthcare professional.

Disclaimer: MOVIDA does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or disease. Contains less than .3% THC.

Known as the Entrepreneurs Secret Weapon, the Healthy Blend line is a favorite amongst those that are looking to up their mental game and have an unfair advantage amongst their competition.

Supplementary Products:
50mg Pure Crystalline Capsule: Used in conjunction with the 2,000mg Healthy Blend Tincture to assist Athletes, Weekend Warriors, and those recovering from Injuring or Surgery.

  • MSM: Helps you to absorb more of the Pure Crystalline Isolate on a cellular level. MSM is also a synergist for the Pure Crystalline Isolate, meaning that ingesting the 2 compounds together helps them to be much more effective than taking either supplement on its own.